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October 04, 2018

Pompano Beach, FL, October 2, 2018 Press Release/ QM USA, Corp


QM Drain introduces the new Delmar Supreme linear shower drain as part of its continuing effort to provide the most complete line of shower drains on the market.


SUPREME, with its patented design, is the solution to one of the biggest problems facing installers and plumbers in new construction and remodeling showers.

Often the water outlet is located a few inches off-center, creating added labor expense to relocate existing plumbing. With SUPREME, the problem is solved.


Its superior design provides a flexible 8-inch range from the center of the shower to the left, or right, allowing you to center your drain without moving the existing pipe.


SUPREME has an independent base that houses an innovative internal rail system which enable the grate to be in a different position than the base and more specifically, the outlet. This allows for a quick and easy installation of a centered linear drain.


Additionally, with SUPREME you can cut the grate to the specific length, as well as aligning multiple linear drains when there is more than one outlet.


SUPREME comes in several of sizes, from 30 to 60 inches long, and in four stylish finishes: Satin, Polished, Satin Gold and ORB/Black.

Made entirely of marine grade 316 stainless steel, the highest quality, known for its natural beauty and low environmental impact, supreme redefines what a drain should be.

Modern, elegant, impeccable, Supreme.


More about QM Drain:

Since 2014, QM Drain has expanded its distribution reach and product offering from 5 countries and 8 drains in 2015 to 26 countries and over 30 drain options today. The company plans to continue this growth through the addition of innovative new product, as well as continued expansion of its distribution network into new regions and countries.

The company is headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL.

For more information, please call 954-773-9450 or email us: info@qm-us.com


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