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Now more than ever brands are looking for ways to get in front of qualified buyers. Reach the KBIS social community with messaging that makes an impact for your brand. Share your important information like product launches and special offers directly with our audience of engaged kitchen and bath industry pros. With 67,000+ on Instagram and 24,000+ on Facebook our KBIS community is the leading the way in the design industry event social spaces.


Reach the kitchen and bath market through our bi-weekly newsletter to the KBIS audience of over 40,000 subscribers. The send list is comprised of KBIS attendees, NKBA members and KBB subscribers - your target audience. Each newsletter highlights show and exhibitor news, NKBA hot topics and industry-related happenings. This is your one-stop shop to reach the kitchen & bath industry, with open rates averaging over 20%.

Newsletter options include:

Product/Brand Spotlight - An exclusive spot to announce product launches, latest news and promote your brand to our qualified list of kitchen & bath industry professionals. 

Category Spotlight - Feature your latest products and garner traction year round by being featured in our category spotlight covering categories such as hardware, technology, surfaces, plumbing and more. 

Newsletter Ads - Grab our audience's attention with a 728 x 90 top, inline or bottom banner ad and drive traffic to your website. 

Bring your brand to life! 

Our brand activations are designed to help you connect with our audience, tell your story and create an unforgettable experience with your current clients and future customers. There are options for any size company or budget.

Kitchen & Bath Business Advertising

Did you know that KBIS exhibitors who advertise in Kitchen & Bath Business, the official publication of NKBA and KBIS, get 227% MORE LEADS than non-advertisers?

NKBA Sponsorships

Interested in a sponsorship with the National Kitchen & Bath Association? Benefit by aligning your brand with NKBA’s exclusive industry offerings.

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